A revolutionary application to assist your practice with the ICD-9/ICD-10 transition

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Connect both sides of the ICD-9 to ICD-10 switch in a way that is easy for coders to execute and learn from

What we do

Predict ICD-10 impact on your business

What we do

Conduit Product Info We create automation and ease of use. See it in action.

“Conduit does all the work by taking an ICD-9 HCFA and adapting it to an ICD-10 HFCA with minimal human intervention, so practices with older technology can better prepare for the upcoming switch.”

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Specs Product specifications of ImagineConduit

ImagineConduit breathes new life into less advanced billing systems by allowing you to
change ICD9 diagnosis codes into ICD10 diagnosis codes on 837 claim files.

  • Runs on Windows OS XP or higher
  • Stand-alone application registered per local install (you will need a separate license for each user running IMAGINE Conduit)
  • Pre-loaded with the 2013 / 2014 standard ICD-10 codes and crosswalk from CMS
  • System-independent: ImagineConduit runs outside of your normal practice management system, so integration is not a problem
  • Built around ANSI standard file format, so input and output is simple
  • Load your current 837 claim files into ImagineConduit, and generate ICD-10 compliant output files with the click of a button




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